Wrath of the Fae Audio out tomorrow! (And an Update)

Hello lovelies, just a quick reminder that the full boxset of ‘Wrath of the Fae’ audio is launching tomorrow! I am SO excited to share this with everyone. The narrators I got for it seriously kicked ass in bringing this whole world to life. I’m still a little shook that I’m going to have myContinue reading “Wrath of the Fae Audio out tomorrow! (And an Update)”

2021 wrap and what’s up 2022?

Well, don’t they look attractive? It’s been a massive year in so many ways. Like ‘Darkest Night’ wasn’t supposed to happen at all and it still managed to squeeze its ass in there! Which brings me to what I got planning for 2022? That’s right y’all are finally getting IRONWOOD, the spin off to theContinue reading “2021 wrap and what’s up 2022?”