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Hello everyone!

As my first post I want to give a few ‘heads up’ facts (not quite trigger warnings) about me and my books.

Firstly, I swear a fair bit. Some people hate this but hey, I am too old to change so expect the occasional swear word in my posts. Secondly, this blog is my newsletter so if you want it direct to your inbox, please subscribe. Thirdly, don’t expect more than one newsletter a month. I am hella busy not only writing but still holding down a dreaded day job. Fourthly, all of my books are a part of the Kindle Unlimited program, which means they are exclusive to Amazon. You won’t find them on another ebook app, but you can download the Kindle app on your smart devices and read them through it. Fifthly, (wow this list is longer than expected) my books also won’t be available as paperbacks. The book publishing industry emits over 40 million metric tonnes of CO2 every year and I’m trying to keep my business as green as possible.

This space is mainly going to be talking about new releases coming up, their inspirations and most likely their cocktail recipes, and also sharing paranormal romance books I’m reading and want to shout out. I want to talk to you about the books and the world of ‘The Court of the Underworld’ and generally make this a fun, non-spammy space…because I personally hate that shit.

Okay now that is out of the way…

ASTERION is out on 10th of March and it’s the first book in ‘The Court of the Underworld’ series. The idea around these books came about because I REALLY wanted to read some paranormal romance re-tellings of Greek myths and couldn’t find anything that floated my boat. I’m a big Assassin’s Creed fan and it just made me want Greek myth retellings even more when they released Odyssey (I am still obsessed). I love so called villains and monsters. I hate that the heroes in Greek Myths are pretty much Grade A assholes (seriously do not even get me started on Jason). I’ve always had a major crush on Hades (because HADES) and the idea of his Court came into play. The books are all based in a future where Greece’s economy has collapsed and Hades has come from the Underworld to claim the ashes, and has built the city of Styx. I don’t want to give too much away because of spoilers but I can tell you the following;

I have seven books for the series. The first four are ASTERION, MEDUSA, HADES and HERMES. They are all written, and I plan on rapid releasing them between now and October this year. The three after them will be released in 2021 and will be THANATOS, CHARON and EREBUS. They are all members of Hade’s Court and a shit tonne of fun. I’m so freaking excited!

I hope you all love them as much as I do. If it sounds like your kind of party please head over here and check out ASTERION. 


A club owner with a monstrous secret, an assassin with his name on a contract, a passion that neither of them can deny.

Asterion is the first book in series about a dark and sexy world where Hades rules a court of god and monsters in a modern day Greece.

Welcome to the city of Styx….

As the hottest club and illegal fighting pit in Styx, The Labyrinth is a place of deals, danger and desire and is run by Asterion Dys, a Minotaur who is all three personified.

As a member of Hades’s Court of Styx, Asterion didn’t think there was anyone left in Greece willing to risk crossing him, but when the most perfect woman designed by the infernal gods seduces and tries to kill him, all of his instincts turn to the hunt.

Ariadne is an assassin known as The Spindle, with no job too hard or too dirty, and she’ll do anything to be rid of her boss forever. When she’s offered a way out by the mysterious cult Pithos, she’ll risk the wrath of Hades himself to be free forever. She only has to kill Asterion Dys, the most dangerous and sinfully sexy man she’s ever met.

Asterion is going to make sure he gets the assassin who left him tangled up in knots. Ariadne is on the run and is going to have to use all of her skills to keep out of Asterion’s terrifying grasp.

But Pithos’s plans for Asterion and those like him are more sinister than either of them imagined, and Assassin and Minotaur will have to bury their animosity if they are going to survive.

Neither one will be ready for the passion that could be just as dangerous as their enemies…

Please note this series contains adult content including violence, swearing and steamy sex scenes. 





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